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          资本市场看雨虹 Capital Market Views on Yuhong
          The description of the introduction department——the waterproof material industry is an obscure "good industry", and Oriental Yuhong is the first company in the waterproof industry to break through 10 billion yuan. Since its listing in 2008, the average annual compound growth rate for 10 consecutive years has been about 35 %. The growth rate far exceeds the growth rate of the industry and its counterparts, casting the "invisible champion" in the field of waterproof and hidden engineering. What is the core competitiveness of Oriental Yuhong? What is the logic of development based on industry and economic cycle? Capital markets are trying to give the answer.

        1. 不起眼的“好行业”——聚焦“十三五”新材料系列报告之三
        2. 防水材料行业是不起眼的“好行业”,并且我们认为对行业和企业的视角不可局限于过往的从产业链景周期波动的逻辑,产业链各环节生态的布局、盈利模式的变迁和品类扩张的企业家精神是企业脱颖而出的核心,我们长期看好明显具备领先优势并有望进一步扩大优势的东方雨虹(2018.05.31)……
        3. Underestimated industry with great potentials
          We believe that waterproof material industry is of great potentials. The industry can not be analyzed only through periodic changes of industrial chains, but also company's ability to emerge, entrepreneurial spirits to expand, the layout of the ecological chains, and changes in the profit models. We have faith in Oriental Yuhong (002271), a leading company that will take further advantages of its current status……
        4. 市占率加速提速,18年开启征程
        5. 公司公告 2017 年业绩快报,营收 101.93 亿元,同比增长 45.62%;营业利润同增32.5%,利润总额同增 25.87%,归母净利润 12.44 亿元,同比增长 20.95%,EPS 1.41 元,符合预期,对比行业竞争对手,体现雨虹品牌溢价和成本转嫁能力(2018.02.27)……

        6. 龙头时代,舍我其谁
        7. 龙头成长将迎来最好的时代

        8. 大跨越,从防水龙头到功能性建材巨头

        9. 近年来,随着消费升级,下游从关注成本(价格)转为关注性价比,同时监管升级使得防水行业走向规范,大企业的优势持续显现,行业集中度持续提升。东方雨虹构建的“产品(服务)、品牌、渠道”综合体系,使其全面领先于竞争 对手;成功背后的基石是优秀企业家+优良机制,前瞻的战略眼光、敏锐的资本运作、合伙人文化和合伙人机制,不仅吸引了大批优秀人才加盟,而且人尽其才,高效运营。
        10. 公司目前正努力从防水产品到多品类协同扩张、从 2B 往 2C 两个纬度打造新的增长极,中长期成长空间依然很大;展望未来 2-3 年,地产集中度加速提升将助力公司防水业务继续快速增长,新产品新产能加速投放,助推非防水品类加速放量(2018.05.06)……
        11. Accelerated and changed up
        12. The revenue increased to 10.19 billion by 45.62%; operating profit increased by 32.5%; total profits increased by 25.87%. Net profit attributed to parent company owners increased to 1.24 billion by 20.95%, and EPS was 1.41 yuan, which was in line with expectations.……

        13. Oriental Yuhong will take the lead in the tycoon era
        14. In recent two years, the stricter environmental-protection policy and the taxation policy reform has made small enterprises exit while the consumption upgrade trend has been more and more significant. It is expected that the waterproof industry will welcome the new chance of national-standard products substituting the non-national standard products, and the effective market faced by the leading enterprises will enjoy a rapid growth…… 

        15. Oriental Yuhong A leap
        16. In recent years, with consumption upgrading, the downstream consumers and real estate enterprises is paying more attention to the quality instead of cost and price of waterproof materials. Meanwhile,the stricter regulations make the industry more standardized. All these improvements highlight the advantages of leading enterprises and will further enhance the profession concentration degree in waterproofing industry. Yuhong is well ahead of competitors due to its comprehensive system of products (services), brand and marketing channel. The cornerstones of its success are the excellent entrepreneurs with efficient
        17. management,forward-looking strategies with successful capital operation, the partnership culture and partnership organization, attracting many talents and improving operation efficiency.

        18. 雨虹焦点 


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